Friday, January 15, 2010

Liberal Hate Speech

I was just reading NNW's post on Avatar when I realsied something about it: take away any wider issues and you're still left with a genuinely bloodthirsty movie, where Americans (and, it is strongly implied, conservative ones) are depicted as fascist thugs, then slaughtered in large numbers.

Hey, unlike certain David Camerons I could mention, I'm a real conservative. Let Hollywood make what it can sell, but in so far as liberals are queueing up to see conservative caricatures butchered, can we at least have to end to all this talk of liberal 'nuance' versus hateful conservatives?


And now, the same point from an actual literate person:
Yes, movies traffic in absurd super-simplifications. But we’re supposed to accept that of the deployment of several hundred, every soldier save one is a low-IQ cold-blooded murderer. What does “Avatar” build up to? Watching the invading soldiers — most of whom happen to be former American military personnel — die is the big cathartic ending of the flick. Extended sequences show Americans being graphically slaughtered in the natives’ counterattack. The deaths of aliens are depicted as heartbreaking tragedies, while the deaths of American security forces are depicted as a whooping good time.

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alison said...

Heh. Hollywood has moved on from depicting the bad guys as the English at least. You could insert the word English in there and get a terrific summary of Hollywood historical movies since they began producing them culminating in Braveheart at the Oscars, which inspired Alec Salmon to 'great' things!