Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quote of the Day

Norman Tebbit gets to the heart of the matter:
For the moment, at least, I will not succumb to the temptation offered me by the commenter called “James (1)”, who would like a conversation about “third world immigration, Islamification and a non-indigenous demographic time bomb” – although I would observe to opponents of Islamification that it is quite difficult to beat a something with a nothing.
Exactly right - for all the supposed negativity of conservatism (mainly defined as 'not signing onto to the ten squillion pound boondongle d'jour), it's noticeable that, even forty years later and with complete cultural dominance, the sixty-eighters have never managed to construct anything like a positive vision of society. Instead, we have fifty-somethings still trying to bag the oldsters by making rubbish flicks about how bad the 1950s were.


North Northwester said...

Here’s a positive vision for our society, and look: it’s the very ‘something’ who have something to offer their children. Perhaps Lord Tebbit ought to address the 'something' a bit more, as he predicted the rise of the BNP during the Major years and this is way more important.

Anonymous said...

"I should, by the way, have said that the Monarchy and the Armed Services are still sound."-Tebbit

I don't understand the reference to the monarchy, unless it has something to do with Tebbit's sexual orientation. Re armed forces: the UK has no more need of them than Liechtenstein. They could disappear tomorrow and Israel, Pakistan and other military powers would barely pause to take note of it.

Anonymous said...

Jon, you've gone very quiet.

Everything OK mate?