Friday, January 15, 2010

Truthers Gone Wild!

Laban points out a guy who's blown the lid! off the death of St Jean the Martyr.

Yes, indeed. It's easy to mock, but mainstream Trutherism isn't much better these days. Here my old pal Tommy explains how just because the Truthers couldn't even get a verdict against Captain Chaos herself, Cressida Dick, she's still, like, totally guilty:
Yes, the jury in the "health and safety" show trial - used by the state to put the matter on hold until it was "old news" [it was a conspiracy to hide the conspiracy? - DJ] - specifically exonerated Ms Dick [well, quite - DJ]. Perhaps the lethal errors were all made after she - as Gold Commander - transferred control to CO19. Certainly there is no proof she was involved in discrediting an innocent victim in the disgraceful campaign of lies and spin which followed Jean-Charles's murder [yep, it's another conspiracy theory - DJ]. Perhaps history will even remember her for her role as head of the Metropolitan Police's "Diversity Directorate" more than for that day of national disgrace [opinion stated as fact without supporting argument - DJ]. Perhaps.

The question still remains. In honouring a woman whose name is tied to that monstrous injustice, what message, dear reader, does our Prime Minister intend to convey? [Message? How about 'YOU LOSE, LOSERS'? - DJ]
Still, don't get the feeling I'm bracketing Indymedia guy with the mainstream of Trutherism. After all, at least our pal from Bristol's conspiracy theory is internally consistent. Once you accept his fundamentally loopy premise, the rest of it hangs together. That sets him apart from the rest of the Truther movement.

Indeed, not to give aid and comfort to the insane, but if Truthers are genuinely enraged over their failure to land a glove on their hate figures, they might want to try producing a coherent story. It speaks to the essential bigotry driving this movement that no explanation is required for just why, say, police officers would cooperate with a vast conspiracy to terminate a small-time crook. They're pigs, it's what they do, init?


Walk them cats back! An anonymous commentor claims to be shocked - shocked! -that anyone could call Truthers conspiracy nuts, claiming they just question police procedures, to which I reply thus:

i/ the only way the death of St Jean could have got more publicity would have been if he was riding along with Princess Di. In so far as the Truthers have been trying to blow the lid! on this case for nearly five years, I think we can safely conclude all the answers are in. They may not like them, or believe them, but there's something deeply gutless about claiming they're just 'asking questions'. They're not, they're making accusations and they should come out and say that - although, to be fair, Tommy certainly does that, which leads on to point two...

ii/ If the Truther were really just concerned about procedures, they'd write about that, instead of ranting about 'Death Squads' and the like. Au contrair, from the start the Truther movement regarded this case as a Rosetta Stone that exposed dark forces that were secretly pulling the strings behind the scenes in the sham democracy of the United KKKingdom.

It's way too late to pretend they're just concerned about how cops do their thing.


Anonymous said...

If there is a conspiracy theory it concerns the cover-up a cock-up not to "terminate a small time crook".

And since we are counting logical fallacies that's a [straw man].

Anonymous said...

On the contrary.

I tried to write a comment in the same nudge-nudge-wink-wink style that you deploy. Clearly I don't enjoy your skill.

It seems to me (from this and earlier postings) that you have decided that being an illegal alien is sufficient grounds to be shot dead. For you therefore, there is case to answer for killing him.

Thankfully most people on the right recognise that the Police can too easily stray into classic Statist actions and need to be scrutinised rather than granted a free-pass. I think that the killing of Jean de Menezes was clearly a cockup. Such things will occur from time to time. I don't believe that she should have been sacked for presiding over a cock up, but neither should such things be ignored when it comes time to promote. Cressida Dick has been promoted because she embodies the multi-cultural values of new labour.

In contrast you imply

no explanation is required for just why, say, police officers would cooperate with a vast conspiracy to terminate a small-time crook.

... that people who find fault with the killing are of one mind that there was a conspiracy to murder a small time crook. I'm sure there are some but not me and (from the link), not Tom Paine.

Anonymous said...

should read no case to answer

alison said...

Masterful, DJ.