Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today's Good News Story

Hey, sharks need to eat too!

Still, if these freaks genuinely believe they can sell people on a speedboat being rammed by a huge whaler, it looks like we've finally found some econuts who don't mind polluting their bodies with 'chemicals'.


North Northwester said...

"Dramatic video of the incident appears to show the Japanese vessel deliberately rammed the tiny speedboat."

Yes, that's right.
Those fiendish Japanese have devised a way to make an umpty-thousand ton metal ship that's under steam at high speed jump sideways to strike a smaller vessel on its bow and then to jump back onto its previous heading without the camera showing the huge waves that such a manoeuvre would instantly cause as the ship displaced its volume in water attacking the 'protest ship' and the trough it would leave as it drilled out sideways.
Way to go, Captain Godzilla: a feat of physical impossibility caught on video and unremarked by all the top journalists and politicians of the whole world.

Squander Two said...

Got to love The Mail's persistent scientific idiocy.

"The trimaran has paint which deflects radar waves, so could approach Japanese whaling vessels almost unseen"

No, it has paint that absorbs radar waves. Without the paint, it would deflect them. That's how radar works. Same as... oh, what's that other technology called? Oh, yeah: eyesight.