Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stop Being Outraged By The Wrong Things!

Hey, at least she has a real job, but wait.... what's this?
Since the age of 18, she had been a party activist for the Lib Dems but later became disillusioned.

She quit the party in April and declared it had been 'drifting into the wilderness and neglecting their supporters'.
Another one? Are there any conservative candidates who are actually, y'know, conservatives?

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North Northwester said...

Belly dance is great - Mrs. Northwester does it and, frankly, wow.

But, yeah, it's odd that. You can put the work in; by reading you study the masters, ancient and modern from Cato and Hobbes to Burke to Oakeshott and Scruton; you can knock on a thousand doors for your first local council job, perhaps put in time on the County Council or as a JP; you may even make a living producing something or risk your skin the Queen's uniform, but that's not proof at all that you are in any way qualified or committed to preserve and maintain Britain's ancient institutions.
Wiggle in from the Lib Dems on the other hand, jingling away, and in five minutes you're in with a shot at Westminster.

Oh, and didn't the Liberals 'drift in the wilderness and lose their supporters' round about World War One?