Monday, September 01, 2008

What If Someone Breaks In To Flytip In The Kitchen?

As I understand the left's latest big idea, we'll have informers on every block reporting to council wardens with the power to dispense instant fines. What could go wrong?

More to the point though, doesn't this kind of chip away at the left's arguments against self-defence? After all, these people have spent years waxing pious about the dangers of people 'taking the law into their own hands'. That position was at least internally consistent just as long as leftists could contrast professional police officers with our own lumpy, dumpy selves, but now the law is in the hands of semi-literate council thugs and bitter curtain-twitchers, it doesn't even make sense on its own terms.

The liberal position is that the nation's households are full of folks going to bed every night desperately hoping someone will break in so they can torture him to death but giving the same people special informers hotlines or council uniforms will turn them into disinterested servants of justice. Huh?

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