Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Where'd All That "Absolute Moral Authority" Go?

Talking of the femiloon's nuanced approach to membership of the sisterhood, Guardian writer and raving loon Julie Bindel has been giving a rape victim a good kicking.

Actually, the clue is in the article itself. Bindel never gets round to making any actual arguments. Instead, we get the ludicrous claim that Mirren claiming that date rates are hard to prosecute means she wants to 'impose her twisted logic upon other women'. And you thought she was just giving an interview...

The point is that if someone - and a rape victim at that - expressing opinions Bindel disagrees with counts as them imposing their views, then that suggests that the femiloon's definition of oppressive conduct is kind of loose. Sure, Bindel is right to point out that rape doesn't always leave marks, but where exactly does Bindel draw the line between rape and normal sex? And is there any relation between her definition and the one used on Earth?

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