Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Why Don't More People Do This?

First we had 'freedom of the use of the press' meaning anyone could print off their material of choice. Now that's become 'freedom of the press' which apparently means we have these super-citizens known as the press, able to ignore the law as it applies to lesser-mortals. Still, even accepting that, there's no way you can read freedom of the press as meaning that citizens are legally required to appear before MSM show trials.

Why on Earth would Sarah Palin want to give credibility to a bunch of partisan lunatics? Wrong question. Right question: just why do some many folks on the right think it's just a matter of fine-tuning their media skills, and suddenly the kool aid drinkers in the MSM will start playing fair?

Nope, the only conservatives the MSM likes are the ones that denounce other conservatives for being too conservative. There's the exception that proves the rule in Cameron. Sure, the MSM gives him a fair crack but that's only because he gobbles up the liberal agenda with a shovel. In the unlikely event that Cameron ever tacked to the right, he'd get slimed faster than you can say 'coke head'.

There's the flip-side to all this. If liberals have won the culture war, just why is the MSM so desperate to cast every conservative as Hitler? Or, to put it another way, if conservative ideas are so toxic, wouldn't simply reciting what conservatives believe be enough to damn them? No?

Considering it's supposed to be an utterly discredited ideology, liberals seem mightily afraid of letting any conservatism escape into the public square. Nope, the MSM's unhinged rantings aren't a sign of strength, they're a sign of weakness. Unhinged denunciations of opponents as Hannibal Lecter's crazier cell mates is not the sign of a string argument. So why do so many Official Conservatives want to give these losers credibility?

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