Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thought Police

Look like the weasels are circling Inspector Gadget. There's an enigmatic post on his blog, with some background from his publishers.

I guess they'll be trying the 'disrepute' route. The only thing is that no one can actually point out any actual inaccuracies in what Gadget said. Let's face it, if there was so much as a chink of daylight, the usual suspects would be popping up everywhere claiming 'Nine point six seven, actually!!!!!!'. The fact they aren't raises an important question.

In so far as Gadget's writings are accurate, but he's still (potentially) being charged with bringing the uniform into disrepute, what does it say about modern policing when even the top brass seem to be admitting that a fair account of what actually happens, by definition, brings the police into disrepute?

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