Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Left Has Lost Its Mind (Part II)

While the hipsters have been busily trying to cram September 11 down the memory hole, there are some deaths that bear revisiting again and again: are you ready for The Passion of St Jean?

It's time to check the scorecard. Apparently, September 2001 is ancient history, but the events of July 2005 are a hot issue. Hmmmm.... that makes the window somewhere between three years two months and seven years - guess these guys better step it up on their little movie before it too becomes, like, so ten minutes ago.

Of course, there is one problem here. How can I put this? There's not a lot of back story here for a whole movie. It's not like the police shot Frank Sinatra.

Fortunately, the left has a solution:
Interestingly, the main focus of the UK-Brazilian co-production isn't so much the death of Jean Charles as his life. It will look at how he, his cousins and friends lived it up in London.

'It's a life-affirming story, full of fun and laughter - and then tragedy strikes,' Luke Schiller, a key producer on the film, told me.
Yep, a whole film full of magic gauchos.

Of course, this sort of thing is inevitable given who St Jean actually was. I guess liberals don't like us to talk about how he got into Britain, so we'll just move onto his life as a fraudster working cash in hand as an electrician, despite being wholly unqualified. He was El Chavo.

Hey, if evading tax and building regulations is evidence of aufenticity! how come that doesn't apply to folks from Barking as well as Brazil? What chance a life-affirming story about a guy from Essex who sticks it The Man and his whole 'fuse' jive?

Bottom line: you could pick probably forty of the victims of July 7 and find a more interesting back story (then again, how many of the folks taking out onions for St Jean could even name five victims of July 7)?

Come to think of it, the Martyrdom of St Jean isn't even the most obvious case of a police firearms-related upscrew, so when are we going to see movies about James Ashley and Harry Stanley?

This is the thing: the left is telling us who they are. The Passion of St Jean isn't being made because they're hoping to produce an entertaining film. There is absolutely no artistic criteria by which the life of a sleazy fraud justifies a movie, except that it serves the left's agenda.

This isn't just moral equivalence. Liberals think the West is actually worse than the terrorists. That's why we get saccharine movies depicting sleazy crooks as tragic heroes, but you never get to see the original footage from September 11. It's why the same people who spread weird Truther theories about July 7 claim that the police were chomping at the bunch to shoot anything that moved two weeks later. It doesn't have to make sense, it just has to help drive home that the real threat is from the forces of civilisation.

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