Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I'm a firm believer in Ann Coulter's dictum that the effective conservative is always the one liberals are calling evil, stupid, insane or all three, so naturally I'm pleased by the reaction to Sarah Palin's candidacy.

This little summary is two days old, so probably doesn't include the last sixty or so talking points/rumours/LSD hallucinations, but it gives a nice sense of the left's effortless class. To think, some of us remember the days when the right was attacked for being too hostile to teenage mothers.

The thing I don't get is how Bristol Palin's pregnancy is supposed to vindicate all these stupid rumours. Take one of the (marginally) less crazy rumours, that Sarah Palin pretended to be pregnant to hide the fact Bristol was pregnant with Trig (and, again, I remind you that this one of the saner rumours). So now the Palins have released news of Bristol's pregnancy, that proves the Palins obviously engaged in a nine month conspiracy to hide a previous Bristol pregnancy. Huh? Plus why would someone who's supposed to be just the obscure chief exec of a bunch of moose molesting white trash bother about hiding a pregnancy anyway? Isn't that par for the course for a bunch of trailer trash from a small town like Alaska?

If Sarah Palin achieves nothing else, she's exposed the femiloons for what they are. When this stuff gets a pass, it kind of cuts the ground from under the femiloon's usual atrocity stories.

Ditto, the MSM. Having thrown whole hillsides full of mud at Palin with nary a hit, the MSM's new tactic is to claim that McCain was negligent in selecting a VP candidate who liberals could smear so easily. St Ann points out the obvious problem:
Barring some all-new, trivial and probably false story about Palin -- her former hairdresser got a parking ticket in 1978! -- the media apparently intend to keep being hysterical about McCain's alleged failure to "vet" Palin properly. The problem with this argument is that it presupposes that everyone is asking: "HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?"

No one's saying that.

Attacks on McCain's "vetting" process require the media to keep claiming that Palin has a lot of problems. But she doesn't have any problems. Remember? Those were all blind alleys.
At least there are some resources out that are more reliable than the MSM.

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