Saturday, August 12, 2006

What You Won't be Reading In The MSM...

OK, I’m a pessimist. I thought that catching one of the Qana snappers photoshopping his pics would give the lie to the MSM’s claim that their super-duper, magic multi-layer systems would have detected any fraud at Qana, but the MSM would still claim his work there was completely kosher – ahem! – and it wasn’t till later in the same week when he turned into a dirty fraud (no doubt driven to it by those pesky bloggers).

I just couldn’t see staging of photos leaving the same kind of physical evidence as photoshopping. A photoshop leaves a fake picture, but with staging you’re left with indirect evidence. Oops. Maybe not – breaking the media’s code of omerta, a German channel has broadcast footage from Qana of dear old ‘Green Helmet’ directing the media and organising second takes.

Let’s think about this. We’re not talking footage shot by hidden camera or spy satellite. Green helmet wasn’t caught in an unguarded moment. Bottom line: no one of above moron intelligence can look at the scene and see anything other than a staging.

The video was out there when AP’s Kathleen Carroll claimed to know ‘from 30 years of experience in this business that you can't get competitive journalists to participate in the kind of (staging) experience that is being described.’

The video was out there when Roy Greenslade was calling these charges an ‘unreasoned and disgraceful attack’.

The video was out there when the Telegraph’s Shane Richmond sneered at ‘armchair photo experts’ speculating on ‘whether this rescue worker has enough dust on him’.

See, this is what I was saying. We’re no longer talking about ‘bias’. Bias implies shading, editing, nuance. We’re talking about an outright lie. MSM journalists worked themselves into a rage about anyone calling the photos staged, even while a video showing the staging in progress was out there. Hey – maybe they just weren’t aware of the video. But hang on..... these people claim the right to speak with authority about the war, but aren’t aware of what’s happening in their own industry. Hello ? That’s their excuse: ‘not biased, just unbelievably ignorant’. To swallow that, you have to believe they are completely incompetent.
Personally, I go with option two. They were lying. Think about that. Not only were they prepared to carry photos staged by a group of terrorist loons, the whole industry was prepared to lie about it. Just something to remember next time you hear them preaching about the dangers of the unregulated internet.

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