Thursday, August 17, 2006

Smackhead Nation

Laban passes on the news that, once again, our immigration system has focused like a laser on only the most desirable of New Britons. But what did we expect ? These guys aren't coming here because they want to be British, they respect Britain or they even like it. They're here for the money.

Far be it for me, cold-hearted Conservative that I am, to criticise greed, but why should anyone expect these people to give a toss about Britain ? They're the logical end product of modern Liberalism. As ever, Mark Steyn says it best:

Contemporary Canadian, British, Dutch and Swedish nationality is to a large extent self-mocking. In 1997, you may recall, the federal government marked the 50th anniversary of Canadian citizenship with the usual maple boosterism, in this case posters showing people of every conceivable hue with their hands circled around the globe. That's Canadian citizenship as the state sees it: there are no Canadian people, only whatever people from whichever spot on the planet happen to be in Canada at any particular moment.

Hell, why shouldn't Poles despise us ? Few nations can have as bloody a history as Poland, yet despite being utterly destroyed three times, Poland lives on, with its culture and sense of self intact. When Poles come over here, they see a country with a far happier history but also a cultural death wish, splashing round in the cess pit of post-modern, non-judgemental, multicultural, Liberal filth. We're an aristocratic drug addict, shooting up the family fortune, and assuring ourselves that throwing away our birth right on rubbish proves how sophisticated we are. What's to respect ?

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