Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And Here's Me At The Slave Market....

Here’s a question for Mrs Manners: what’s the protocol for linking to a post that doesn’t exist anymore. Laban accidentally murdered a post of his at B-BBC, but the subject was so weird, I’ve just got to have my 2p’s worth - hey, it's back again. Just think about that concept: Sandi Toksvig filing a travelogue from the Sudan.

Wasn’t filthy rich degenerates wandering round gawking at human misery pretty much what the Left once opposed ? I’m no fan of the whole Lefty ‘how can you drink when gays are being gassed in Devon ?’ line of argument, but even I have limits. Take the matter of you-know-what – I have the strangest feeling that ST might have had a livelier time had the locals known she was a practitioner of the ‘You’re the girl of my dreams/and so are you’ school of lurve’. Sudan is a close tie with North Korea for the world’s biggest hellhole, so how come it gets the ‘Wish you were here’ treatment (‘whatever you do, make time to take in the vibrant spectacle of the slave market’) ?.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. Dear ol’ Sandy didn’t just offer up bad reportage, she also managed awful history too. Whatever you think of the British Empire, it was better than a country where slavery, genocide and female circumcision are routinely practiced, but Sandy went the other way, praising the Mahdist revolt against Britain. It’d be tempting for someone to ask her just what it was about the Mahdi’s ideology that appeals to her, but that would be to miss the point.

There’s been a few changes in Liberal Land this past couple of decades. In it’s own way, ST’s ranting is the perfect barometer of both the nihilism and the narcissism of the modern Left. ST’s position is literally senseless. But it doesn’t matter. Britain is not only bad, it’s the worst country there could ever be, ever. The end of slagging off Britian justifies any number of means, and if that means whitewashing absolute evil, well, that's a small prive to pay.

All of which is quite an insight into the modern Left, but does raise the question of why we should be forced to pay for it ?

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