Friday, August 04, 2006

Can We Shoot Him Now ?

As Viz reminded us, Friday night’s a drinking night. If any further motivation was needed, just consider who the Jeremy Whine show had on today’s show to argue against the evils of hooch: George Galloway. What ? Was he worried there was still some people in the country who didn’t hate him ? At least if he was hammered, he’d have some kind of excuse:

Hey, I had to keep yammering on about saluting his indefiniability, it was the
only way to keep him distracted so he didn’t realise I’d Gordon Browned all his hooch.

But no, George wants us to know he was completely sober while palling around with absolute filth. Admittedly, he’s still not the worst role-model the neo-prohibitionists could have, but still: you have to wonder about a lifestyle when so many spokesmen for it turn out to be scumbags.

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