Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Is Anyone Keeping Track ?

Scott on form, as ever. Not to go off at a tangent, but a thought occurred while reading this line:

But the apparent reticence of the Independent was nothing more than a ruse, Saturday's entire front page being devoted to advertising the rally - as well as the critically important accessory, a "Unconditional Ceasefire Now" t-shirt modelled by 22 notables, including Bianca Jagger, "rap artist" Sway Dasafo, Shade Skinyemi (59, "on a gap year") and former BBC luminary Anna Ford.

Is anyone keeping score on just how many ex-Beeboids turn out to be moonbats ? We're supposed to believe the BBC doesn't have an agenda, but it seems like one second after its staff are off the payroll and free to speak their minds, they start channelling the George W Bush Conspiracy Generator.

Compare the number of barking moonbats to the number of ex-Beeboids who espouse even mildly Conservative viewpoints. Exactly. To coin a phrase, where's the diversity ?

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