Friday, August 04, 2006

Memories of St Jean

Who’d have thunk it ? An Islamopath turns out to be a nonce. Hey, if it’s good enough for Mo...

Of course, that does bring back memories of a certain event in July 2005. Don’t let the L3 kid you. Even when we thought the Bill had capped a Tango, the Left had the black armbands out for a 'victim of state terror'. Naturally, when it was revealed that St Jean the Martyr was only an illegal immigrant and fraudster, the sanctimony was thick enough to slice.

Apparently, the Dextrosphere were pigs for taking MSM reports at face value (yep, Libs will even throw Al-Beeb under the bus if it means they can whine about the Right), but now we’ve had just about every Liberal face card in the country sharing a stage with a pervert, that’s of no interest whatsoever. Hey – it’s not like there weren’t clues out there. The Forest Gate Kittens make the Addams family seem like Terry & June. And it’s not like it’s a first offence either. Anyone remember Garri Holness ? At least you could leave your kids with Jeffrey Archer.

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