Saturday, August 12, 2006

Talking Points

Laban detects a certain mixed message in the Left’s talking points re: the latest counter-terrorism bust. Me, I’m still wondering how we can have a diverse cross-section of as yet unknown people in custody, yet the Left can so clearly put its finger on what motivates them. It’s like there’s something linking the suspects...

US uber-blogger Ace wonders why the MSM, which just spent the last week telling us that allegation of Hezb’Allah manipulating the news from Lebanon didn’t matter because the coverage was ‘essentially true’, seems obessed with the possibility that the UK and US governments may be trying to spin the news. Isn’t it ‘essentially true’ to say that the terrorists want to kill westerners ?

Some of us are just wondering if the folks claiming this operation is bogus because the terrorists weren’t actually caught in the act, are the same people who say that if the police really thought St Jean the Martyr was dangerous, they would have acted sooner. Hey, if you’re going to insist that’ it’s only a real bust if the bomber is caught with his finger on the detonator, don’t complain if the arrest team occasionally jumps right instead of left.

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