Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Karaoke Squad! Drop the Mike and Come Out With Your Hands Up

Police cutbacks: are they always a bad thing?

This is the important caveat that has to borne in mind when the police claim that electing Chief Constables would allow extreme extremists to be elected. There's always been a logical flaw in the idea of an extremist winning an election, but now they're just ramming home the point that for the police, the mainstream apparently flows through Hampstead.

Try this:
A Hampshire police spokesman last night said.... ‘If a victim believes that an alleged crime is racially aggravated, the police will treat it seriously. Investigations into this incident are continuing.’
First up: that's alleged victim, Comrade Officer. Second, in this era of 'me resources fell down the stairs, guv' policing, actual, real 'that'll need stitches' crimes are ignored all the time. They have chosen to pursue cases of malicious singing just as they have chosen not to pursue real crimes. Public servants who waste public money on fringe lunacy being subject to criticism is how it's meant to work. It's a feature not a bug.

On the plus side, that guy's just lucky it wasn't 'Rock the Kasbah'.


Ross said...

The blame here lies with the MacPherson Report which obliges the police to treat this sort of thing seriously.

If I ever get mugged I will tell the police that the mugger called me a "white bastard" just to get them to investigat.

JuliaM said...

As someone just pointed out on my blog, I guess 'Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves' is right out, too..?

Actually, that was far and away the funniest scene in US fantasy miniseries 'The Tenth Kingdom'... :)