Sunday, November 22, 2009

Diversity Is Our...... No, Wait! That Was Last Week

This is a great post, but one point that's really worth hammering home is this: didn't diversity used to be a good thing?

Liberals demand that every culture, fragment of a culture, or just plain train wreck blob of social pathology is to be celebrated as a vital part of the cultural ecosystem. Meanwhile, when it comes to actual cultures, like, say, Italian culture... Nope: violent insanity is hailed as proof of aufenticity! in the inner cities, but this whole 'Italy' thing is clearly just a fraud by people who want to hold back the proper development of Euroregion 16 (although it may also be true that the EU feels threatened by the example of a nation that managed to run a real European government without needing twenty squillon bureaucrats).

Equally, the very things liberals claim are ludicrous when used in a British context turn out to make perfect sense when the EU does it. The same people who squeal like stuck pigs when asked to teach British history are pefectly OK even with the most Frankensteinian attempts to create a European identity. Except, y'know, it really is true that Britain spent decades and billions of pounds defeating the global slave trade, but no one in the Normandy beachhead ever thought of themselves as fighting in a European Civil War (not least the C********* and Them Who Shall Not Be Credited Ever).

For that matter, in so far as there is any kind of common European culture, the EU is the antithesis of it. After all, we have approximately 2,500 years of evidence as to what works and what doesn't, and the EU is definitely in column 'B'. In so far as the EU can claim any kind of descent from European traditions, they're ones actual Europeans were glad to drop at the first opportunity.

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