Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Mainstream Runs Through Islington?

In so far as even the Moonbat himself has thrown the UEA fraudsters under the Prius, this would tend to undercut the BBC's claim to be objective. The BBC can't claim to be balanced because it's 'being attacked by both sides'. There's no both sides, there's fringe lunatics and there's everyone else, including plenty of ecoloons. Hey, when you're too much of a moonbat even for the moonbat, you are indeed a moonbat. Besides, I thought these guys were all about supporting the consensus?

But no: they're still ranting about the 'sceptic business lobby'. Which is kind of ironic when you think about it. Just as there is no form of weather known to man that is not proof of gerbil worming, it now turns out that ecochondriacs e-mailing each other about using 'tricks' to 'hide the decline' and plotting to force critics out of their jobs is proof that their opponents are involved in a conspiracy. In both cases, the ecoloon position is essentially unfalsifiable.

The BBC's position is revealing in another way too. The claim that it was the business lobby wot done it only holds up if you believe that there is no good faith reason for anyone to oppose the right of unaccountable supra-national organisations to pass restrictive laws and levy taxes on the world's population. Really? Is there no one in the whole of the 'uniquely funded' BBC who can see why some people might object?

Equally significantly, consider what the nasty old 'business lobby' is charged with: attempting to influence public opinion by campaigning against repressive legislation... you know, kind of like we were in a democracy or something. So not only does our state broadcaster support authoritarian lunacy, it even believes it's somehow illegitimate for anyone to oppose it.

Meanwhile, in the real world, or at least the UEA approximation of it, it turns out that the dog ate their data. No doubt the BBC will be along soon to put it all in context.

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