Sunday, November 22, 2009


Stephen Glover writes well in support of the Tory rebels in Norfolk, but he misses the essential contradiction in the Nu Tory position.

The hipster trash claim that the whole 'ideology' thing is dragsville. The job of the modern MP is, supposedly, to manage the business of government rather than advance any particular agenda, so who cares if they're sleazy, providing they can really get to grips with the NHS, right?

The problem with that is there are approximately no companies in Britain where someone can sleep with a senior manager, land a plum job and then claim it's everyone else who has the problem. In any serious industry, Liz Truss would have been shown the door the moment this was uncovered.

But still, that's not it. There's something else going on here. For all that Cameron's drones keep whining about 'inverted snobbery', 90% of the time when his fancy education is cited, it's by one of his cultists claiming that he was born to lead. Really? 'Cause I'm thinking if a trifling matter like a rebel constituency in Norfolk brings out the Sweary Mary in him, he may not be exactly ready for prime time. Those pesky country folk refuse to support his candidate and suddenly he's auditioning for the lead in the English-language version of Downfall - that's the guy we need representing us on the world stage!

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