Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Celebrate Subsidence!

All things considered, you have to admire the MSM's ability to mark twenty years since the Berlin Wall fell without once explaining exactly how that particular event came to pass at that particular time. Maybe it was just built with shoddy materials?

Back in 1980 the same people - sometimes literally the same people - were busily explaining that the West would just have to learn to live with the Soviet Union - and 'respectable conservatives' were explaining that all we could do was to try and slow down any further expansion of Soviet influence. But then a funny thing happened on the way to a red planet.

In the teeth of all received wisdom, Ronald Reagan realised that the USSR was a bankrupt thug state, reliant entirely on its ability to repress its peoples at home and to export mayhem to everywhere else. Reagan didn't believe in d├ętente, he believed in victory. Under Reagan, a newly-reinvigorated America bottled up the Soviet's conventional forces, while the CIA and friends not only halted Soviet expanision in the Third World, they bled the Soviets dry just keeping hold of what they had.

Look at Central America. Instead of Marxists sweeping to power in El Salvador, the Soviets were forced to pour in resources just to prop up their basket case Mini-Me government in Nicaragua.

To the point, Reagan almost single-handedly took on the idea that the decline and fall of the West was inevitable. On the contrary, he recognised that, properly harnessed, the strengths of the free world could make victory inevitable, and the utter depravity of Marxism made it a moral imperative.

Hey, the Red Army swept in Eastern Europe in 1945 (and again into Hungary and Czechoslovakia in 1956 and 1968 respectively). If all it needed to defeat these savages was 'peaceful protest', how come those lazy Krauts took so long getting round to it?

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