Monday, November 16, 2009

Liz Truss: Social Conservative Icon

In a decision that stunned absolutely no one, Norfolk Tories folded like a row of tents and accepted arrogant Metropolitan sleaze Liz Truss being parachuted into a safe seat.

Hey, in so far as her moron supporters have spent weeks referring to the people she claims she wants to represent as the 'Turnip Taliban', it's fair to ask just what it would take for the Tory base to reacquaint itself with its collective balls. What's a girl need to do? Slag off the Queen?

No,wait, she's done that already. It turns out that Truss really is a new kind of conservative, specifically a Lib Dem kind of conservative.

All of which kind of makes an important point. The hip'n'happening Davesters claim that, sure, she thinks the whole marriage vows thing is kind of a drag, and, yessss, technically she has been proven to have concealed important information when specifically asked to disclose it, and she got a plum slot after banging a senior member of the Party, but only total squares would argue that makes her untrustworthy, right?

Except now we know lifelong conservative Truss, isn't. She's a Lib Dem who's jumped ship for a bigger, better deal with Call Me Dave's Nu Tories.

Who'd have thunk it?

Well, not the Nu Tories anyway. Their whole doctrine is that the 'personal morality' thing is dragsville, and no amount of personal sleaze will affect someone's ability to 'do the job', except it turns out that an adulteress who betrays her husband and lies to the people she wants to represent is untrustworthy in her political views as well.

Yes, indeed. It turns out that sleazy is as sleazy does, y'know, just those evil old socio-cons always said it was.

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