Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Anti-Social Behaviour Is A Fraud

NNW runs the latest from Alan Johnson through the liberal - English translator. Read, enjoy and think what it says about the MSM that Postman Pat is being put forward as an example of a politician who can pass as human.

It's always good to remind people that this is exactly the kind of case that the left said never happens. Like I keep saying, if liberals ever denounce vampires as a right-wing myth, start laying in the wooden stakes. Now we have on record just how liberals deal with thugs:
The parents from all five families received a letter warning that further action would be taken unless the behaviour ceased. While four families replied to the letter and were seen by the council officer, only the one family, who cannot be named, was believed to have “torn up” the letter and was never visited, Mr Grantham said.
Yes, the 'tearing up letters' gambit. If only Ronnie Biggs had thought of that.

Still, there is a land mine lurking under the right's position. When we accept slippery euphemisms like 'anti-social behaviour', we're implicitly accepting the left's view that, sure violent thuggery is kind of bad and all, but there's no need to use negative labels like 'criminal' and hey, can't we all just get a along?

What we're talking about is a police force turning a blind eye to persistent, violent criminality and a left that supports them in doing so, and for that their collective feet should be held to the fire.

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