Thursday, September 10, 2009

Questions D'Jour

Since the left's new rule is that anything goes short of Schindler's List, does that must mean they'll finally stop whining about St Augusto of Santiago? After all, he delivered his country from a brutal and chaotic regime, defeated a savage insurgency, rebuilt the economy and restored democracy - and all with less deaths than Stalin managed in the average day.

As for the CIA... hey, they helped win a global struggle against tyranny and still got comfortably out-paced on the bodycount front by tiny little Cambodia and its lovably authentic agrarian reformer Pol Pot.

Best of all though was Tailgunner Joe. Joe McCarthy never killed anyone, yet by exposing the US establishment's shameful refusal to deal seriously with Marxist infiltration of American institutions, he helped save the free world. Surely he's a hero we can all get behind?

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