Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Courts Too Lawless Even For A Lawyer

This is all good stuff, but the key point is this:
[Lady Deech] blamed judges for creating a 'half-and-half' divorce law without any reference to Parliament....[she said] 'The notion that a wife should get half of the joint assets of a couple after even a short, childless marriage has crept up on us without any parliamentary legislation to this effect.'
Well, quite.

Whatever marriage is now, back when these changes were being driven through it was a cornerstone of society, yet femiloons and their castrato allies were able to blow a hole in it without so much as a question in the house.

A vote of thnaks to for the (mostly self-appointed) leaders of the social conservative movement. Folks like IDS may indeed be well-meaning, but all their talk of defending the family is just blathersgate as long as it takes a lawyer to point out the femiloon elephant in the room:
'It is far more difficult to terminate those other pillars of a stable life, employment and a tenancy, than marriage.'...

'Any other situation that is known to harm children, sometimes not nearly as much - for example school food or paedophilia - attracts legislation and extensive public campaigns without dissent.

'But even when public debate focuses on the plight of single parents and their children, the fact that over half of them are created by divorce and separation is overlooked.
Clearly, we need more tax breaks for marriage.

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