Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Few Quick Comments On B-BBC

.... since, hey, it's not like I can comment over there. Not without Bill Gates stopping by to talk me through it so away we go:

That Was Then, This Is Now: Two weeks ago, the Beeboids were explaining in their usual charming way that, doh!, of course they didn't cover some stories. Obviously, their job was to filter the news, and only report truly important stuff.

Now suddenly, it turns out that they're just simple reporters, and so they report the news without comment, even if it's obviously garbage.

Guess That Wraps It Up For The Human Rights Act: Yes, indeed: Beeboids do seem to spend an inordinate amount of time slobbering over dictatorships. But how come all this never applies to Britain? After all, the NHS is 'the envy of the world' so we should be able to get by with even less rights than Cuba. We certainly have plenty enough social problems, but Universal Shami is never off the BBC. So how about it Beeboids? How about we take the kind of bold, decisive action the Chinese government is rightly famous for and string up the Law Lords before they invent another 600 human rights?

Context Now Racist: Wasn't it great to hear every Radio 2 news bulletin yesterday report that French Police had cleared a refugee camp of 'men, women and children'?

Seriously, when have you ever heard that phrase used outside of a war crime or similar atrocity?

In fact, the BBC was so anxious to cast this as an Oradour Sur Glane for the new century, they went with this line even though there weren't, strictly speaking, any women there.

Of course, it would be tempting to wonder how the BBC's bonkers invocation of the 'men, women and children' line meshes with its normal, snooty attitudes about bloggers and their 'inflammatory' language. But that would be to neglect the other chunk of humbug: what about the all-important context that professional journalists are supposed to supply, as opposed to the nasty 'shoot from the lip' world of blogging? Or, to put it another way, how come no one mentioned this?

Hey, that right there exposes the left's line as a load of bull. These people weren't cutesey victims who just wanted to make a life for themselves in Britain. Staggeringly enough, it turns out that illegal immigrants are criminals with absolutely no respect for our nation's laws or its people. The BBC chose not to suppress this story because, even in the BBC bubble, they know that complaining that our 'cruel' immigration laws keep sexual predators out of the country is not a winning strategy.

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