Tuesday, September 08, 2009

MONA + 10

Hmmmm.... I wonder what proportion of the people who've seen MSM reports of the 'Islamophobic' slaying of Ekram Haque realise that the suspects were black?

Hey, I didn't know until I saw it on Julie's blog. It's taking MONA to the next level: not only hiding the offender's true nature, but subtly implying they're natives.

Of course, now we know the truth, that does explain why the left's 'wider isshoes squad' has been conspicuous by its absence. If there was native involvement, they'd be out there claiming that this was all a clear indictment of the Islamophobic culture of the native British. Meanwhile, Hell will freeze over before anyone on the left will postulate a connection between black violence and the left's promotion of violent retards as exemplars of black authenticity.

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