Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Like I keep saying, the big difference in politics is that the left wants the right silenced, while the right positively encourages the left to speak at great length about they believe.

Take today's alleged controversy:  apparently, it's super outrageous that the Government is deporting foreign criminals. 


What definition of 'controversial' are we using here? Is there anyone outside of the fever swamps of the left who doesn't think this is exactly what HMG should be doing?

Being able to control who gets to live there is pretty much a basic requirement for being able to call yourself an independent country.

More to the point though, if liberals think even convicted rapists shouldn't be deported, in what sense do they not support open borders? Who exactly would they deport - aside from conservatives ?

Equally, if deporting scumbags strikes the left - and the cuckservatives - as an outrageously extreme policy, how come they keep pretending to support border security every time there's an election on? Wouldn't they be happy to proclaim their love of open borders from the roof tops right up until polling day?

But no: the left is so confident in open borders as a winning issue politically that they keep demanding any potential critics are silenced and shouted down. They're the voice of the people, providing no actual people are allowed to speak.

Hey, maybe that's the answer: we tell them we're not deporting criminals, we're just operating a nationwide 'no platform' policy.....


JuliaM said...

Yesterday we were invited to shed tears for this brain surgeon:


Strangely, my eyes remained resolutely dry. So, I suspect, did most other people's...

Anonymous said...

Personally, I believe that the intervention of the European Court on issues such as deportation harmed the Remain case. I think Boris should introduce the law that anyone who intervenes in such a deportation case should then be assumed to have volunteered surety for the behaviour of the criminal, and if there is re-offending, then they will all - from activist to judge - be liable to (a) the same punishment because they acted in joint criminal enterprise, and (b) be subject to automatically have to pay reparations to any victim, on a sensible scale, obviously. The same should go for parole boards, case workers and the rest.