Thursday, February 27, 2020

Doncha' Hate It When That Happens?


DELE ALLI claims the Kick It Out campaign is not doing enough to tackle racism in football.
The Tottenham playmaker called for “more action” from authorities to rid the sport of racist behaviour from fans.
An FA statement confirmed: 'Dele Alli has been charged with misconduct for a breach of FA Rule E3 in relation to a social media post. 'It is alleged that the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder's post breaches FA Rule E3(1) as it was insulting and/or improper and/or brought the game into disrepute. 'It is further alleged that the post constitutes an "Aggravated Breach", which is defined in FA Rule E3(2), as it included a reference, whether express or implied, to race and/or colour and/or ethnic origin and/or nationality.'
Hey, I feel a song coming on!

Lest we forget, his fellow race hustler, St Raheem of Sterling has previously been exposed as a violent thug, while dear ol' Kick It Out themselves are busy explaining that this whole 'rape' thing is just a cunning excuse for whitey to give a brutha a hard time.

Seriously, I have no idea how this keeps happening? How come people who spend their time pushing insane conspiracy theories about white people keep turning out not to be pillars of the community?

 I mean, I'd give this guy the benefit of the doubt, except you know if some white guy had done this, he'd be demanding air strikes, so you know, sauce for the goose....

Just don't hold your breath waiting for the MSM to start writing hysterical articles about What It All Means for the state of the nation. This guy is too useful a tool for them against the common enemy.


JuliaM said...

I'd be on his side, because making a joke about coronavirus is what social media is for, after all. But then, hey, why should anyone care that his weapon turned in his hand?

More popcorn?

Anonymous said...

The casual racism of white women has gone on long enough! It's time to call it out! Most of you have by now seen the video of the white woman Ebony Bowden laughing and making fun of a veteran long term Indian white house reporter Raghubir Goyal. But the racism of the average white woman has been ignored for far too long and it's time to start calling it out.

We have talked endlessly about how "young white males" are being radicalized online but what about white women? The alt-right is full of white women who make extremely racist statements casually. I won't repeat their quotes here, but we should not ignore the fact that while the alt-right is made up mostly of young white men, it also has a large percent of young white women, and considering that the alt-right has beliefs shared by tens of millions of Americans, that is millions of white American women who are racist.

On neo-nazi websites like GAB, or on lesser known sites like "FreeSpeechExtremist", white women both young and old shamelessly make racist, hateful statements and some even do it in their real legal name, not even hiding behind fake annoymous names. This is what entitled racism looks like, and white women are the epitome of it, because we refuse to call out white women's racism and hold them accountable.

Do I even need to remind you that 52% of white women voted for an openly racist white supremacist President in 2016?

JuliaM said...

And will vote for him again, mainly due to cretins like you!