Tuesday, February 25, 2020

This May Not Be The Winning Issue The Left Thinks It Is

Looks like the left have found their latest batch of baby seals!

Will no one think of the poor senior civil servants? 

It's practically a modern day gulag:
Sir Philip is also reportedly writing to all senior members of the civil service in the department to highlight the dangers of work place stress. 

It is also claimed he told team members that they should not be expected to do 'unrealistic' work outside of contracted working hours.
Modern Britain, you guys! People on six figure salaries complaining about having to work late.

This, THIS, is the issue that will win back the North for Labour: making sure Sir Julian D'Arcy-Snootlington doesn't miss any dinner parties.

Reminder: the people the left is getting all misty-eyed about are the same ones behind the Windrush fiasco, aka the Greatest Scandal Evah!

But that was then, and this is now, and for no apparent reason whatsoever the left has decided to target the Home Secretary.

It's a mystery alright.

Britain's biggest party is not the Conservatives nor Labour, it's the Snoot Party. They don't actually stand for election but they think they should be in power anyway. Hence why we now have the lovely 'Sir Phil' who is apparently guaranteed a job for life even though he's the equivalent of an arsonist fireman.

The left isn't against elections, it just doesn't think they should have any consequences.  You can elect whoever you want, but it's Sir Phil, Sir Keir and the rest who run the country...

Say, why does that sound familiar?

No wonder these guys were so desperate to stay in. The EU has always been their idea of perfection: a eunuch parliament and an unaccountable snoot class actually running things.

They lost that round, but that's just encouraged them to fight harder to create Brussels-On-Thames.

Personally, I'm not convinced 'all the stuff you hated about the EU, but in English' is necessarily a winning slogan for Labour. 

As with most things in politics, all that the right needs to do to win is to force the left to state their worldview openly.

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JuliaM said...

"Will no one think of the poor senior civil servants? "

It's like they are aliens who've tried to copy human behaviour, but get it terribly - and hilariously - wrong:

"Do as we say or the spider gets it!"

"Hey, Snootlezark, I think it should be 'puppy'..?"

"Shut up, Quarkzanze, I know what I'm doing..."