Wednesday, February 05, 2020

A Man Hired To Do A Job

An important point from the Great Steyn:
If these fine fellows were genuinely interested to know how Trump got elected, the quickest way to the answer would be for them to look in the mirror: Trump is a symptom of you. No Russians or Macedonians are required: it's because of you - the permanent governing class. If the only alternative to Hillary is Jeb, it's hardly a surprise that there's a stampede to the "Neither of the Above" box. And, if the only fellow waiting over there is Donald J Trump, so be it: that's on you.
All true, and true for Britain as well. Yes, there are a lot of folks who like BoJo personally, but what gave him his landslide was the public's exasperation with the snoot class. That matters right now because - having been proven wrong about just about everything as far as electoral strategy goes - the Tory Party's Smart Set have decided to start pushing the line that, sure, supporting Brexit and a reform agenda was a great way to get the chumps to come out and vote for you, but as far as actually going ahead and trying to change anything?

It's just too risky, you guys!

Best to go along to get along, rather than risk stirring up the swamp.

The trouble with that idea is that Boris Johnson was elected specifically because the public believed we might finally have a PM who aims to represent the people and control the government and not the other way round. To the point: whatever the political risks of pushing through meaningful reform, they're dwarfed by the risk of surrendering to the swamp creatures.

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