Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Brendan Cox: Bringing A Touch Of Class

Recent revelations about Brendan Cox have just confirmed my suspicions that we should only ever pay half-price for newspapers, since they only give half the story anyway.

As I understand it, the two main excuses in the MSM for not reporting on this before now are:
  1. Savvy, streetwise journos were bamboozled by a smooth-talking master manipulator                                       

  2. Everyone knew, but they couldn't bring themselves to report it
To put it another way, the MSM's defence is to claim they're either morons or corrupt. Either way, they're not exactly making a good case why anyone should be all misty-eyed about the MSM going the way of the dinosaur.
For an example of Option One, consider this from Amanda Platell, which seems genuinely naive if only because otherwise she would surely have taken out this bit:
Hundreds of thousands gathered last year for the Great Get Together – which he organised to combat loneliness – where people extended the hand of friendship to strangers at street parties
It was extending his hand of friendship too much that got him in trouble in the first place.

Option Two is as here. I'd have more sympathy for MSM drones claiming they didn't want to go after a widower, if only they hadn't spent weeks tormenting a twenty-five year old bimbo model who told racist jokes about Megan Markel (as it happens, Me-Again has recently taken over from Comrade Cox as the most obvious beneficiary of the MSM's 'Don't Mention The War' reporting).

Plus all that's without remembering that the MSM didn't just refuse to report on these allegations, they actually ran glowing profiles of Creeper Cox.

This is just further proof of my theory that the New Left is just like the Old Right. Just like the Old Right they're obsessed with class distinctions and, no, basing their class divisions on politics and ideology rather than money and family is hardly an improvement.

This is not mere expediency, or ideological loyalty. They really do think they're better than us.  Consider this: all the commentary from our alleged betters has been about this guy's supposed struggle, and how it's super that he's 'reflecting and taking responsibility' (now he's been caught).

See what's missing? These are people whose whole lives are spent playing Victimhood Poker, but now there are real victims, not a word about them. They treat them like bit part players in the great drama of 'Brendan's' heroic struggle to be less of a sleaze. The MSM are the Duchess sweeping past the down-trodden peasants on the way to pay tribute to her fellow aristocrat, cruelly cut down by dirty rebels while attempting to exercise jus primae noctis.


Anonymous said...

Sleaze bags are only sleaze bags if they are of the right and these are unredeemable . A leftie sleaze bag has redeemable features because he is of the left.

JuliaM said...

Whatever a left-leaning public figure rages about in the 'Guardian' in usually the thing they themselves are guilty of behind closed doors.

Just Trevor said...

Lefties project!