Monday, December 31, 2012

Send The Bill To Shami

Who'd have thunk it: an Islamonazi lunatic not cooperating with law enforcement? Honestly, it's getting so you can't trust anyone these days.

Mind you, I haven't checked the latest reports from the courts this week. Are we sure they haven't found a human right to abscond?

 In related news, liberals won't trust a country GP to keep a pistol round the house becuase that would be dangerous.

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Umbongo said...

Oh yes "close police surveillance"! And the rozzers , sorry the Counter Terrorism Command (they've probably got a specially designed badge), "immediately launched inquiries to trace him". Launched inquiries? "Surveillance" in police or military circles used to mean that the person under surveillance was under continuous observation.

I don't know what Counter Terrorism Command does all day but "surveillance" (rather than just being at the end of a phone waiting for news of another abscondee) seems not to be included in the job description. BTW, you can rest assured that no-one will lose his/her job or promotion prospects or pension over this.