Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chumps Dumped

Like I keep saying, the thing with Cameron is not that he's reliably disgusting, it's that he manages to find new ways to be appalling every time. Too busy to sign letters?

Mind you, these guys are idiots too. As if His Magnificence Sultan David I would ever really be interested in advice from people in 'trade'. They were just the political equivalent of groupies and they got treated like groupies. If these alleged top business brains can't work that out for themselves, that probably explains more about why British business is screwed than anything to do with the exchange rate or inflation.


JuliaM said...

ell, to give him his due, sometimes he gets something right:

"A month ago, alarmed by moves to water down a key protection arising from Sir William Macpherson's inquiry into the death of her son, the campaigner wrote to the prime minister, the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, and the other major party leaders. She told the Guardian the letter had been ignored. An earlier communication seeking to establish relations with the coalition at the outset also went without reply"

Sadly, it's probably only because he's decided to suck up to the NetNannies instead, but still....

North Northwester said...

If these business leaders haven’t succeeded (or even tired) to persuade the Government to stop printing and thus reducing the spending power and thus profitability from the currency they do most of their trade in, or to reduce the taxes that reduce their rates of profit or any surplus set aside for expansion, or to stop tolerating large areas of the country existing as essentially lawless and thus worthless as sources of customers, employees or stock, or to cease infantilizing the nation and allowing many of its uneducated young women and their fatherless progeny to become permanent burdens on tax revenues and who thus constrain any public funding on useful things such as transportation infrastructure, property security or scientific research, then it’s difficult to imagine what these clowns were doing away from the boardrooms and offices in which they are paid to work. Can an early knighthood really be worth keeping mum while the Cleggerons rape the money supply and barbarians of all sorts dig themselves deeper into every corner of the nation’s life? Don’t businessmen have daughters? Grandchildren? Can’t they see what kind of high-debt, low-consumption economy the Cameroons are sinking us ever deeper into?