Monday, December 10, 2012

This Is What The Left Means By 'Cut Backs'

....No more £300 chairs for school kids.

It's also the perfect exemplar of the left's utter inability to understand real achievement. They wanted to create a socialist Eton and so they ordered fancy chairs?

Really? Is that what liberals think is the secret of Eton's success: really high quality seating?

But remember, parents can't be trusted with school vouchers because they just don't know what makes a good school....


JuliaM said...

"Really? Is that what liberals think is the secret of Eton's success: really high quality seating?"

Well, it has to be something material! The alternative - that we aren't all the same - is unthinkable!

Rob said...

Fucking waters to serve the teachers! YOU FUCKING WHAT??!!!

Anonymous said...

Always makes me laugh when they close down a beautiful Victorian school and replace it with what looks like a collection of large portakabins.

"The fabric is crumbling and totally unsuitable for modern education!"

But you don't find Eton or Cheltenham College (or Oxford) demolishing their buildings cos they're old.


North Northwester said...

As you have pointed out before, the private schools have taken all the good mathematics which is why their privileged pupils do so well in the elitist farce of so-called ‘examinations’ whereas State schools are obliged to use Base Seven rather than base Ten and to do without decimal points and the multiplying and divining signs, and the best literature, since fee-paying schools have bought up all the really good stuff by Shakespeare when by contrast their underprivileged colleagues are obliged to use all his old-fashioned and obsolete plays and sonnets and stuff.
Happily, we know that despite these economic inequalities and private education’s vast wealth at least the public sector commands all the best and most effective teachers - as their results so clearly show.