Friday, December 28, 2012

Liberalism Ate Socialism

Looks like the lefties are having another one of their endless discussions about how they can bamboozle normal people into signing up to their loony agenda.

Laban's right about one aspect of the problem, but then there's stuff like this.

I don't think that's exactly how the Good Samaritan did it.

Charidee staff with gold-plated pensions is just one aspect of the sheer weirdness of modern liberalism. How did we get to the point where soi dissant socialists demand the right to bleed the public dry so as to feather bed their pals in the public sector (actual and fake charity divisions)? The working man is paying taxes to provide the bratty meeja studies graduate daughters of the liberal elite with non-jobs as recycling coordinators and five a day officers. Isn't that pretty much what the Labour Party was set up to oppose?

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