Friday, November 26, 2010

Best Blowback Story Evah!

Hey, you'd think someone would do something about this PC garbage, wouldn't you?


If not hoist by his own petard, Cameron has at least been hoist by a petard that he had assured us was a perfectly lovely petard that none but right-wing extremists could possibly object to.

After all, this is the central issue of the whole PC thing. True, these guys will never see eye-to-eye with Cameron but do these comments rise to the level of actual criminality?

Clearly, the only answer is to suspend The Dave for six months while a Board of Inquiry looks at this case.

Joking aside, this guy has a point, or rather two aspects of the same point. Cameron's apparent belief that his job is Comedian-in-Chief and that all his jokes boil down to sneering at people who aren't him speak to the same issue. Sure, The Dave keeps all but telling us he was born to rule, and how everyone who opposes him is a therefore clearly some kind of freak, but as George Bush Snr would say 'where's the vision thing'? How does he see his role as PM? What's he trying to achieve? Nada. He's much happier telling us how everyone else sucks than explaining just why we should trust him in power.

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was quite clear: He wants to make you happy.