Thursday, November 25, 2010

Church of Liberalism Rocked By Murderous Priest Scandal

And talking of elite articles of faith that never actually stand up to scrutiny, loveable scallywag Learco Chindamo is back in the pen. What are the odds, hey?

Probaly quite a bit better than any of those sneery creeps who defend the rehab industry ever retracting all those editorials denouncing anyone who questioned the whole farce as some kind of tabloid-poisoned peasant driven mad by a combination of cheap lager and daytime TV.

Yes, and they can stow all that 'the dog ate my resources' garbage too. This case, just like Jon Venables, was another flagship case, with guaranteed public scrutiny. If Chindamo had gone on to win the Nobel prize or a VC, we'd never had heard the end of it. Instead, it turns out that rehab works perfectly, except in every case we ever hear about.

Again, I repeat, in so far as elite opinion demands faith in something which keeps failing every time we look at it, in what sense is this the smart position to take?


Rob said...

The Four Stages of Liberalism:


Repeat ad finitum

JuliaM said...

The story about the grooming of dozens of 'vulnerable' girls by the Gang With No Appearance (until the 'Mail' let that particular exotic cat out of the bag) will also prove illuminating in due course.

Already, they are hastily throwing the care services staff to the wolves in an effort to avoid, at all costs, the elephant in the room.