Thursday, November 11, 2010

UKIP Members, Catholics, Gun Owners Rampage Through London

After yesterday's NUS-sponsored riot, I understand at least one person at the BBC briefly considered writing the words 'left-wing extremism' but he was tracked down and fired before any long-term damage could be caused.

The only surprise is that anyone's surprised. Hey, leftists condemn the extremists rhetoric of Glenn Beck while hanging out with guys who support armed literary criticism.Meanwhile, actual Labour MPs fantasise about Marxist dictatorship.

The riot isn't an aberration - this is who they are.

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Anonymous said...

MSNBC promotes a book advocating violent left-wing revolution:
Notice when Rall advocates violence, Ratigan suggests a more moderate approach of “stop paying your mortgage.” Uh, isn’t the mortgage crisis what led us to the current economic mess? Why would Dylan Ratigan think we need more of that at this moment unless he wants to see the entire system collapse? Is that in fact what he wants to see?Later in the interview, Ted Rall quotes John Locke about the need for revolution. Ratigan’s response is to suggest a “semi-violent” revolt like the anti-austerity strikes in France. This is the voice of moderation on MSNBC? How about just saying that Ted Rall is a kook whose recommendation that progressives look to al Qaeda for inspiration deserves no place in American politics? Dylan Ratigan never gets close to that sort of response to Rall.