Monday, November 29, 2010

Cristina Odone: Still Worthless

Say what you like about Crissy, but she does perfectly exemplify every prejudices of the chattering classes. Take this article:
[Americans] are stuck in a Profumo Scandal/Burgess and Maclean era, where gays are blackmailed by the Soviets into betraying their country. During the McCarthy witch-hunt, the “Lavender Scare” was a campaign to identify and prosecute gay politicians: homosexuals and Commies were often conflated, both perceived as subversive and immoral sub-cultures.
See what I mean?

Using such a tired cliché would be bad enough, but with the Cold War now long won and files opened up on both sides of the Iron Curtain, we now know there were quite a lot of witches out there. McCarthy was substantively correct: US security really was utterly dysfunctional. Even mainstream leftists have given up talking about supposed 'red scares' in favour of 'four point six SEVEN actually' style quibbling.

More to the point though, Odone is not merely resurrecting a decades-old smear, she trying to turn history round 180. If McCarthy really was dead set on gay bashing he should probably have started with his own Chief of Staff, Roy Cohn. As it was, leftists had no qualms about gay baiting Cohn, McCarthy and the rest of his staff, culminating in the bizarre Army-McCarthy hearing where the Senator was accused of allowing his office to be used to pressure the US Army to give special treatment to a former staffer who been conscripted (clearly, a US Senator being questioned over whether or not a private soldier 'often' rode in the cab of trucks doesn't rise to the level of witch hunting).

Odone's position isn't just wrong, it's the opposite of truth. There's no actual point here except that everyone the chattering classes don't approve of is a knuckle-dragger. Hence, her claim to detect some kind of super secret conspiracy behind the Tea Parties. Nope, she doesn't have any actual evidence, but you know what those people are like....

As such, it's business as usual for the MSM. Odone's rubbishy article boils down to simple class hatred. McCarthy and the Tea Partiers were/are ignorant hicks rudely interrupting the proper business of government. Meanwhile, anyone who doesn't support her fellow Metropolitan luvvie, and odious weasel, Alan Duncan, must be some kind of nasty old bigot.

They may as well just stop pretending there's any logic there and just start issuing lists of who's hot and who's not.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks Profumo was gay, is really really ignorant.

Yes Christine I am talking about you.

Anonymous said...

Quite, I dont know what she thought she was on about.

And our gay traitors, they were clearly traitors first and gay second. They werent blacknmailed into it.

What happened to judging a person by the content of their character and not their orientation Crissy?