Thursday, July 22, 2010

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Welcomes Newest Member


JuliaM said...

Would anyone be surprised..?!

Gareth. said...


It did have our engine you know.

Laban said...

Alas, in summer 1940 all the Septics had was the Curtiss Kittyhawk and the Bell Airacobra P39.

"Don't give me a P39,
With an engine that's mounted behind,
It will tumble and roll,
And dig a big hole,
Don't give me a P39"

Anonymous said...

Are they not D Day invasion stripes.

NickM said...

They are indeed invasion stripes.

House of Dumb. I commented on this as did my co-blogger. We used words and you demonstrate what 1000 of them are worth. Bravo!

Smoking Hot said...

Cadillac of the Skies

Pilot of P51 'Tugboat' Ray Hanna. Other Mustang pilots, Ray Hanna and Hoof Proudfoot.

Sadly none of them survive, Hoof died in a P-38 crash, Mark in a ME 109 crash and Ray passed away in 2005.

Laban said...

Chuck Yeager is still with us, though I don't think he's ever thanked the Brits for commissioning the thing in the beginning.