Thursday, July 01, 2010

They Said If I Wasted A Vote On UKIP Felons Would Walk Free And They Were Right!

I guess we're just lucky enough people believed all those Certified Conservative Intellectuals when they claimed Cast Iron Dave was a secret conservative, after all.


By now, I'm guessing all but the most committed of kool aid drinkers have to admit that Cameron's 'conservative principles' are the Atlantis of British politics: even those who believe they exist have to admit they're sunk without a trace.

It's not all bad news though. Amusing as it is - in a nauseating kind of way - that so many leftists have now belatedly decided that prison works (apparently, the last 13 years must have been some other Labour party), criticism from the left may just mean the pro-criminal lobby have to make actual arguments, instead of just dismissing all their critics as knuckle-dragging bigots.

Mind you, not to go all Laban, but there was always something strange about the 'People's Party' deciding that, hey, if it comes down to choosing between brutal thugs who make life hellish for everyone else on our nation's sink estates, or their victims, their sympathies are all with the hoods.

As far as the debate itself goes, I'm with the guy on one of the police blogs who said that claiming our current system proves prison doesn't work is like saying that you took a paracetamol a week ago, but you've now got a headache so, hey, painkillers must be a right-wing myth.

Still, it does raise one more question: if prison is a failure because a six month sentence can't convert a guy with multiple convictions for violence into a model citizen, what does that say about the arm of government that spends 11 years failing to teach kids to read? Are we allowed to say that doesn't work either?


Anonymous said...

Never mind that, the coalition are bringing in New Labour's lunatic Equalities law.

This piece of legislation will open the private sector to the gender/race ideologues.

It will almost be a crime to employ a white man.

Mark @ Israel said...

The conversion of the criminal depends on the quality of formative activities given and the openness of the offenders to the possible changes for the better. In so doing, the politicians who served 11 years but failed to fulfill their obligations, I suppose, may realize their wrongdoings in jail for 11 years.