Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Post In Which I Brilliantly Draw Together Two Disparate Elements To Make A Serious Point

Never ones to miss a chance for absurd liberal preening, BBC4 on Tuesday aired a program celebrating the 50th anniversary of the publication of 'To Kill A Mocking Bird'.

Yes, indeed: liberals are standing up and bravely denouncing lynch mobs and racism, come what may!

But there's more to it than the left's habit of courageously speaking out against dragons, just as soon as St George starts typing up his after-action report. Consider what the central plot device is in TKAMB: a false rape accusation.

Lynch mobs and Jim Crow laws strike liberals as red-hot issues, but a black guy facing a false rape charge? Ancient history, dude!

The liberal obsession with supposedly detecting super-secret racism everywhere merely rams home the point how absurd is the idea of lynch mobs of Klansmen running round Britain's streets. They may as well denounce bear baiting or witch craft. Meanwhile, under the legal arrangements favoured by Harriet Harperson and friends, Tom Robinson would surely have been found guilty, racism or no racism.

All of which brings me back to the BBC and their plans for a 'Man's Hour'. What are the odds of 'Britain's Campest Man' and pals taking time out from probing each other's depths to cover false rape accusations? Better or worse than the chances of them airing about a thousand cutesy interviews with faux lad, performing seal manginas like Nick Hornby et al? Hey, it's not like they can say they're short of material.


North Northwester said...

They aren't even TRYING to pretend they live anywhere but Fantasyland any more, are they?

And why should they?

Cameron's busily dismantling what's left of our constitution by preparing for a Whip-pussied party-political upper house and readying the country for permanent LibDem rule by bringing in PR; one judge has decided to explain that property rights and the rule of law don't count when vandalising property that has anything to do with Israel and another one has ruled that if you declare yourself gay you can't be deported to any country where they're mean to homosexuals... and today they've decided it's wrong to annoy people if you only THINK they might be terrorists.
Which means if they don't have bomb vest or RPG that all the world can see, a copper might just have to let a person go - his pictures of a power station's gates firmly hidden inside a camera-phone.
And even then Liberty's likely to discover an ancient right somewhere in whatever passes for Magna Carta to carry pictures of secure installations and replica weapons for the cultural reasons of Eternal Protest.

So if they want to portray Blighty's cities as Birmingham Alabama @ 1925, or as Nuremberg ten years later, well who but thoroughly marginalised crackpots are going to objecy?

Anonymous said...

The Mail has another story about an ethnic woman, Asian, I think, making false rap allegations.

Anonymous said...

The Mail has another story about an ethnic woman, Asian, I think, making false rap allegations.

There are, I'm sure, multiple jokes to be had there, though I can't think of any right now...;-)