Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Atheists: Still Desperatly Seeking Relevance


I'd put it all down to Daddy issues, except for the amusing bit at the end. Yes, indeed, there's nowt so behind the times as the avant garde.


Greencoat said...

We're all so shocked. Yes shocked is what we are - shocked, shocked, shocked.

Have they gone home yet?

Squander Two said...

Sorry, but what's your problem here, Jon? That he's using symbolism exactly as meaningless as the Christian symbolism he thinks he's counteracting? It is absurd behaviour for an atheist, because he should be insufficiently superstitious to believe that having once had a hair-dryer blown on you means anything metaphysical. But Christans really do believe that having once had some water splashed on your head does do something metaphysical — hell, Catholics even believe that you can't get into Heaven unless you've had it done. And this proves Atheists on the whole are stupid, does it? Jesus wept.

North Northwester said...

Still, few people are totally imperfect :
"Kagin, author of "Baubles of Blasphemy," has a history of behaving in ways that elicit a rise from God-fearing people. He's known to have asked female atheists to dress in burqas and perform a song, "Back in their Burquas Again,"".

Got to say, disagree with him as I do, it is rare for one of our enemies in the culture wars to put his mouth where his head still is against the peaceful decapitators and death-dealers of the critics of Islam.

There's hope for everyone, as the Bible teaches us.

Rob said...

"I was baptized Catholic. I don't remember any of it at all."

No shit, given that you would have been under one year old.