Sunday, December 27, 2009

Terror At 40,000 Feet, Insanity At Ground Level

Ross asks some good questions about the Boxer Shorts Bomber, but misses the key one: just what surreal excuse are the usual suspects going to come up with this time?

I don't think the whole 'isolated incident' thing is going to work this time. Come to think of it, it's not even an isolated incident of 'Apparel-Related Terrorism On A Trans-Atlantic Flight'.

Of course, the hipsters have already started up on 'Operation Snowjob' or, to put it another way, anyone know where this Man of No Affiliation came from originally? I think it came up on the TV once or twice, but I missed it in amongst all the shots of Lagos, people in traditional West African dress and Nwankwo Kanu scoring for Portsmouth.

Apparently, there were no casualties on the airliner, but the whole nation of Nigeria has been thrown under the bus. All of which proves the Victimhood Poker truly is the Rosetta Stone of politics. If this poor, misguided, young scallywag had spent his time in London indulging in recreational rapes and drug dealing, he'd have been a 'man from Central London' - a Man of No Appearance, in fact. But now the MSM are scrambling to throw sand in the public's eyes, and suddenly it's all Nigeria, all the time. Will no one think of the 'vast majority of peace-loving Nigerians'?

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