Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Today's Slice Of Open Borders Theatre

Finally! The Government's clamping down on those pesky Chilean immigrants selling their daughters into forced marriages. Or sons. Or whatever.

True, there are plenty of reasons to be sceptical about this marriage, all things considered:
The ‘heartbroken’ 18-year-old chose to live with 19-year-old Diego Andres Aguilar Quila, who had to leave the country recently after his student visa expired.
OK, so maybe he's married a British woman for the visa. On the other hand, he's married to a British woman, so you can't say he hasn't earned it the hard way.

Still and all, in so far as this is in no sense of the word a 'forced marriage', this surely meets the main criteria for 'open borders theatre', namely the blind enforcement of arbitrary rules against sympathetic targets, thereby press-ganging them as sock puppets in the left's endless agitprop production 'Evils of Nasty Racists What Refuse To Embrace Glorious Open Borders System'.

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