Wednesday, December 02, 2009

We Hate Them Because They're Scum

Ranting Stan has a good post on the bizarre 'Baby P' report (short summary: social workers suck, so give them huge pay rises). Hey, it's not exactly the same as the Macpherson Report.

Stan hits the nail on the head. It's not about who reports to who, or how many department heads there are, it's about a warped culture. It's bad enough that these people are obsessed with pandering to designated victims, no matter how dysfunctional their behaviour - see Victoria ClimbiƩ for further details - but they've also absorbed the deranged feminist idea that the traditional families is, by definition, evil.

That's why they let certain of their 'clients' get away with cultural quirks, like starving their children to death, but will bend over backwards to victimise any family without the magic victim card.

That's point one right there. There a clear pattern of prejudice and attempted social engineering here. These people are extremist kooks pushing their own agenda. They don't have bad judgement, their judgement works fine, they're just basing it on different criteria from what people who aren't socialist thugs do.

Which is point two. Consider this from the case above:
She was taken into a room with a nurse and social worker who apparently told her: 'We would like Zak to go into foster care to assess how he feeds. You have legal rights but be warned if you oppose this we will go straight to court and have all your parental rights taken away.'
Now, isn't that nice? Again, this is not about judgement: a citizen was pressured to give up her legal rights by the threat of further victimisation. You could have Perry Mason stop by and he couldn't argue that as anything other than an outrageous example of lawless thuggery. And that goes with swords, oak leaves and gold cluster for a system that permits them to do this.

To the point: social workers are extremist lunatics who abuse public office to lawlessly victimise innocent families while abandoning politically-inconvenient children to a hideous fate, and now they're complaining of low social status? They're lucky to be allowed to walk the streets.


Anonymous said...

I used to date a social worker in fact she is carrying my child. There is something really wrong with female social workers. She didnt give a damm her kid was going to be born out of wedlock or that the kid was going to be fatherless a long no one stood in her way and got her way.Now she wont talk to me and she is planning on with holding my kid from me. She works at Lutheran social services in marion illinois. I used to be a liberal, now I am going to vote straight republican every time.
-Lonnie Dickerson

Anonymous said...

You know, there are three original lies in this world. 1] "I will always love you." 2] "The cheque is in the post", and the real whopper, no.3 "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you."

Social workers are nine times out of ten, childless POS who specialise in taking away other people's children. They are, almost without exception, socialists who believe that the state does everything better, while deliberately blinding themselves to the fact that everything the state touches it makes a mess of.

One of three things happens to social workers. They either become demoralised with the lies they have to tell, the failure & rank cruelty they so often inflict and leave, they become indifferent to all the above, and just keep on doing the same old crap, but even worse than before, because its a pay packet, or they buy even deeper into the hypocrisy & brown-nose their way up to management....and if you think social workers are bad, wait till you meet their managers. Oh, wait, that's right, you never do get to meet the managers, cos they are the ones charged with making decisions, and who would want them to be accountable to the families they steal children from.