Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quote Of The Day

After last night's (near) 'Death Note' incident, I'm going to try something a little different and give you this example of liberal torettes from the Yazzmonster:
There is nothing more pernicious in life to the millions who are unhinged or troubled than the idea of others living lives of perfect contentment.
OK, so she's nuttier than a nutty thing, but she certainly states the left's position more straightforwardly than most: even if you think the country is kind of OK, that just means you must be contributing to someone else's misery, you fascist!

But note the humbuggery too. The Yazzmonster is taking out an onion for all the excluded on the margins of society, yet - as evidenced perfectly by her AMAB ranting - there's no people like leftist people for denouncing whole groups as not just wrong, or even evil, but as savage subhuman degenerates whose very presence pollutes our national life. I'll take a shot in the dark and say that if redundant dads do feel socially excluded, it's no such much the Christmas trees that do it, so much as the mainstreaming of the views of feminazi loons like the Yazzmonster who denounce them as lice to be crushed.


Rob said...

She also had her children educated at...wait for it...Eton. Not the quiet hypocrisy of the Brompton Oratory, but fucking Eton

We are beyond mere humbuggery here. We are through sheer fucking hypocrisy and hurtling off into the distance.

Anonymous said...

She has admitted to being a toff lover, though.